Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a Great American Land Grab (Hardcover)

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"Jacksonland "is the thrilling narrative history of two men President Andrew Jackson and Cherokee chief John Ross who led their respective nations at a crossroads of American history.Five decades after the Revolutionary War, the United States approached a constitutional crisis. At its center stood two former military comrades locked in a struggle that tested the boundaries of our fledgling democracy. "Jacksonland" is their story.
One man we recognize: Andrew Jackson war hero, populist, and exemplar of the expanding South whose first major initiative as president instigated the massive expulsion of Native Americans known as the Trail of Tears. The other is a half-forgotten figure: John Ross a mixed-race Cherokee politician and diplomat who used the United States own legal system and democratic ideals to oppose Jackson.Representing one of the Five Civilized Tribes who had adopted the ways of white settlers cultivating farms, publishing a newspaper in their own language, and sending children to school Ross championed the tribes cause all the way to the Supreme Court. He gained allies like Senator Henry Clay, Chief Justice John Marshall, and even Davy Crockett. In a fight that seems at once distant and familiar, Ross and his allies made their case in the media, committedcivil disobedience, and benefited from the first mass political action by American women. Their struggle contained ominous overtures of later events like the Civil War and set the pattern for modern-day politics.
At stake in this struggle was the "land "of the Five Civilized Tribes. In shocking detail, "Jacksonland"reveals how Jackson, as a general, extracted immense wealth from his own armies conquest of native lands. Later, as president, Jackson set in motion the seizure of tens of millions of acres Jacksonland in today's Deep South.
"Jacksonland" is the work of renowned journalist Steve Inskeep, cohost of NPR's "Morning Edition," who offers here a heart-stopping narrative masterpiece, a tragedy of American history that feels ripped from the headlines in its immediacy, drama, and relevance to our lives.
Harrowing, inspiring, and deeply moving, Inskeep's "Jacksonland" is the story of America at a moment of transition, when the fate of states and nations was decided by the actions of two heroic yet tragically opposed men.
CANDICE MILLARD, author of "Destiny of the Republic "and "The River of Doubt"
Inskeep tells this, one of the most tragicand transformative stories in Americanhistory, in swift, confident, colorful strokes.So well, and so intimately, does he know hissubject that the reader comes away feeling asif Jackson and Ross's epic struggle for the future of their nations took place yesterday rather than nearly two hundred years ago.

About the Author

STEVE INSKEEP is a cohost of NPR s "Morning Edition," the most widely heard radio news program in the United States. His investigative journalism has received an Edward R. Murrow Award, a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, and an Alfred I. duPont Columbia University Award. He is the author of "Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi." @NPRinskeep"

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