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Is it possible to make a perfect score on a video game? On your first try? Has anyone ever done it? Seventh grader Jett Mitchell has When his classmates discover his special abilities, they come up with a "Master Plan" to win a gaming competition. But first they need to get a summer job to pay for the entry fee... and of course win a new gaming console They land a job at the Rusty Fence Chicken Ranch. They discover that somebody is killing chickens and trying to shut down the ranch But why? The police get involved and offer a $1000 reward to anybody who can catch the criminal. Easy money, the kids think They have to find the suspect, collect the $1000 and use the money to push ahead with The Master Plan. The clock is ticking... and the criminal keeps killing chickens While trying to solve this crime, the kids face a one eyed giant, a man with a hook-shaped toe, and do the impossible by unfreezing time. It is in the smoke house that they must face their deepest fears ORDER NOW

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692345993
ISBN-10: 069234599X
Publisher: Ftc "feed the Chicken"
Publication Date: March 7th, 2015
Pages: 228
Language: English