Duke & the Lonely Boy (Paperback)

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"An effective, often moving tale of teen angst, heartache, betrayal, friendship, and self-discovery." -Kirkus Reviews

Who are you willing to be for the people you love? For Duke and Tommy, the time to find out is now.

Duke seemingly has it all. But his math tutor, Tommy, not so much. When their worlds collide, it forces each one to truly examine their own reality. Duke realizes he's more like a sheep, who only knows how to follow. As for Tommy, he allows his tortured past to define his future.

Duke must find the courage to really be himself, even if that means losing it all; while Tommy must confront his grief to find the closure he desperately needs. In the unlikely friendship that they form, they each grow on the strengths of the other.

Lynn Langan's debut novel, Duke & the Lonely Boy is a story about understanding who you really are, unlikely friendships, overcoming tragedy, and finding true closure to heal a broken heart.

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ISBN: 9781684337514
ISBN-10: 1684337518
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Date: August 19th, 2021
Pages: 184
Language: English