A Vegetable Story (Hardcover)

A Vegetable Story By Arthur A. Stevenson, Arthur A. Stevenson (Illustrator) Cover Image
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A Vegetable Story is a short story for children and people of all ages. The story follows the accounts of a family of three, focusing primarily on the parents and what the parents do as a response to their son being kidnapped. All of the characters in the story are personified vegetables, fruits, plants, etc. The illustrations are in black and white color for children and adults with color blindness.

The main themes of A Vegetable Story are perseverance, friendship, and forgiveness. After their son is kidnapped, the two parents have some difficulty in taking action amidst their shock. But with their friend's help, they are able to take action and set out to find their son. Along the way, they encounter old friends and strangers that are willing to lend them aid to the best of their ability. Eventually, they discover where the kidnappers are and make an attempt to retrieve their son. After a brief confrontation, the kidnappers give up and beg for forgiveness. The parents forgive them and hold them to their promise to no longer do any more bad deeds. The parents invite the newly reformed kidnappers to their home for dinner, as well as every one that helped them out along the way. The story ends with everyone sitting together at a large table enjoying a delicious meal in peace and harmony.

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ISBN: 9781732163546
ISBN-10: 1732163545
Publisher: A. A. Stevenson Publications
Publication Date: January 19th, 2019
Pages: 26
Language: English