Bold and Brave (Paperback)

Bold and Brave By Michael McFarland (Illustrator), Shainy Peysin Cover Image
By Michael McFarland (Illustrator), Shainy Peysin
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Bold and Brave is filled with plot twists and adventure that will keep young readers turning pages. Once again, Hachai Publishing makes Jewish history Fun-to-Read Imagine a time when doing mitzvos, staying true to Torah values, and even dressing like a Jew presents an enormous challenge. This is the backdrop to an exciting tale of mesiras nefesh during the time of the brave Maccabees.Bruria and her older brother, Alexander, face great danger as their family refuses to follow any of Antiochus's decrees. Alexander and his friends must hide and learn Torah in a cave. Bruria watches with dismay as her friend's family grows more and more interested in the Syrian-Greek culture, fashion, and pastimes.Will this clever brother and sister manage to outwit the soldiers who watch their every move? Will they be bold and brave enough to stand up for what they believe?An inspiring historical novel for young readers, Bold and Brave makes the challenges of long ago feel current and relevant to our times, encouraging mesiras nefesh right here and now Historical Fiction based in Israel in the days of the Maccabees.

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ISBN: 9781945560262
ISBN-10: 1945560266
Publisher: Hachai Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2019
Pages: 130
Language: English