Hippity Hoppity The White Kangaroo Helps His Magpie Friend (Paperback)

Hippity Hoppity The White Kangaroo Helps His Magpie Friend By David F. R. Perry Cover Image
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Hippity Hoppity and his friend Jumper were hopping along, and jumper found, something that she didn't know what it was.
Gloria the Magpie swooped down saying,
"Thank you. This is all that is left of our nest that was destroyed in the storm last night, and sadly my partner Fred also hurt his wing badly as well." And started crying saying. I don't know what I am going to do, as I am going to need a nest for my egg soon.?
So Hippity Hoppity and Jumper offer to help and Gloria gives them a list of things she needs to build her nest, and they spend days collecting the things she asked for and placing them in the tree that the nest fell Gloria flew the items up to where Fred was and slowly but surely built a strong nest in the tree, with all the things that the two Kangaroo's found for them.
Sometime later they are hopping past the tree, and here a commotion, when Fred called down it's a boy
Soon the baby Magpie wanted to try his wings and came fluttering down and landed between Hippity Hoppity and Jumper, followed by his mother the very proud Gloria, who said, "Isn't he gorgeous We have named him Hipper. Which has 'HIP'in his name for you Hippity Hoppity and 'PER' for you're lovely friend Jumper. Which put together spell 'HIPPER'

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ISBN: 9781951193485
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Publication Date: December 13th, 2019
Pages: 26
Language: English