Hippity Hoppity The White Kangaroo Helps Santa (Paperback)

Hippity Hoppity The White Kangaroo Helps Santa By David F. R. Perry Cover Image
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HIPPITY HOPPITY and his lady friend HOPPER who was stolen away from her family by mean man, who she escaped from, with Hippity Hoppity's help. HIPPITY HOPPITY helps JUMPER find her family. While there, Santa's Elf finds them and he tells them that, "Santa has heard how big and strong you are HIPPITY HOPPITY THE WHITE KANGAROO. And Santa asked me if you would like you to pull the new Magic Santa Sleigh on Christmas Eve? As the seven Kangaroos, he used before are now too old." Santa's Elf also tells HIPPITY HOPPITY, "The new 'Magic Santa Sleigh' has so many magical improvements, that we and Santa, believe that you, HIPPITY HOPPITY could pull it on your own." Santa's Elf shows HIPPITY HOPPITY how the new 'Magic Santa Sleigh' works and goes back to the North Pole to let Santa know that HIPPITY HOPPITY is going to pull his Santa Sleigh on Christmas Night. And said that he would practice with 'The Magic Santa Sleigh until Christmas Eve. Hippity Hoppity at 6pm on Christmas Eve say the magic words; Ho Ho Ho And like magic Santa appeared on the Magical Santa Sleigh that was full of presents. And SANTA and HIPPITY HOPPITY deliver the presents to all the good children in Australia.

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ISBN: 9781951193492
ISBN-10: 1951193490
Publisher: Folioavenue Publishing Service
Publication Date: December 13th, 2019
Pages: 30
Language: English