The Children of the Tribes (Hardcover)

The Children of the Tribes By Eva Wasserman Margolis Cover Image
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The 12 stories in Children of the Tribes give us wisdom, clarity, and appreciation for the world we live in today.

Innocent children of their glorious past tell both parent and child their story of how they lived thousands of years ago.

The author is a musician, educator, and composer, and she created these stories from her travels across continents.

Note from the author:

The child should be the most important concern on our world's agenda. They are our future.

So many objects, subjects, medicines, people, programs, and ideas that are marketed these days are detrimental to our children. They take a child in the wrong direction, away from the honorable, compassionate, resilient person they should become.

We were all born with natural instincts. Let us try to live as close as possible to who we were born to be. That is what I hope this book brings us: the ability not to lose ourselves, our sense of direction, our ability to act to benefit others.

This book is meant to be read with a child. The ending includes parent/child discussion questions to grasp each story's meaning.

Experience this book of love, learning, and development with your child today

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ISBN: 9798218046712
Publisher: Eva Wasserman Margolis
Publication Date: July 29th, 2022
Pages: 82
Language: English