Hippity Hoppity the White Kangaroo (Kobo eBook)

Hippity Hoppity the White Kangaroo By David Perry Cover Image
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Hippity Hoppity was a white kangaroo who had been saved as a joey when his mother died. He was saved by a kind mother and daughter, and he was raised in a small suburban backyard. When Hippity Hoppity grew too big, he was released and given his freedom into the Australian bush. After quite a few adventures, Hippity Hoppity decided to go exploring and was happily hopping along when a big red buck kangaroo showed him his powerful chest. Hippity Hoppity had no wish to fight him, so he continued on his way only to meet up with him again at a later date. He came to a row of houses that reminded him of where he used to live. There he met the most beautiful kangaroo he had ever seen. She was being treated with cruelty by her owner, who chased Hippity Hoppity away when he was talking to her. It was love at first sight for both of them. Hippity Hoppity told his friends, Hiss and Swish, that he was in love with a lovely kangaroo who called herself Jumper and intended to try to get her to escape if she wanted to. And the following morning, he hopped back to Jumper’s to try to help her escape, which he did.