Thursday, July 30th


John E. Wade II, author, investor, and millionaire, reveals in his memoir, The Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation, his personal struggle with bipolar disorder and his experience being the focus of an all-encompassing and benevolent entity he calls the Operation.

Wade takes the reader through his family experiences, political aspirations and beliefs, spiritual journey, relationship trials and errors, battle with mental illness, and how he feels he has been cured of the detrimental aspects of bipolar disorder. With the help of a unique and powerful network he calls the Operation, and through religious beliefs, personal perseverance, and the help of friends, family, and his mental health professionals, Wade lives an active, creative, and successful life.

His memoir doesn't end with contentment at achieving a balance in his life, however. Instead, Wade expresses a determined vision for the future, aiming to assist humanity in finding lasting peace and prosperity through his writing, political, and spiritual endeavors, as well as through being the focus of the ever-pervasive Operation.

John E. Wade II discusses and signs his book, The Bipolar Millionaire and The Operation.

This book is available in hardcover ($29.95).

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Event date: 

Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Event address: 

Garden District Book Shop
2727 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

John E. Wade II: Thr Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation