McGehee Book Fest 2022

Welcome to the McGehee Book Fest 2022!  

The Garden District Book Shop is proud to support McGehee School, with a portion of all purchases made by McGehee families and friends from Nov 1 to Dec 31st going back to support the school!  Browse and shop our vast selection of titles in-store or online.  

Teacher Gift Cards

The bookshop is holding Teacher Gift Cards at the counter for all of your favorite teachers as well as the school libraries!  You can donate to your teacher's gift card balance and your teacher will receive a card noting your kind contribution.  At the end of Book Fest, your teacher be able to use these to purchase any books of their choosing for their classrooms or school libraries.  

Click Here to Add a Gift Card to contribute to your Teacher's Gift Card Balance.

Choose amount and complete “to” and “from” sections with your name and the name of the teacher or library you’d like to credit.

IMPORTANT: Under MESSAGE write in “MCGEHEE” to indicate this is a McGehee purchase.

In-Store, just ask at checkout to contribute to you teacher's gift card balance


When ordering on the site, you can add as many books as you like to your "shopping cart." Then follow these important steps at checkout:

1. Under PICK-UP OPTIONS click box for in-store pick-up  (even for delivery to McGehee).  Under ORDER COMMENTS write in “MCGEHEE”.   If you are requesting delivery to McGehee, write in “DELIVER TO” and the student’s name and homeroom teacher.

2. Fill out all other necessary info for payment and proceed!


Book Fest books are scattered all throughout the store!  The dedicated Children’s Room generally serves readers from birth to second grade.  Books for more advanced readers are available along the back wall of the store.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help! 

Let us know you are a McGehee family or friend at checkout!


Feel free to call into the shop at (504) 895-2266 to ask the staff to set aside books.

The Garden District Book Shop frequently hosts on- and off-site book events. Tickets (which regularly include the price of the book) are sold through Eventbrite.  We will credit any ticket purchases made by McGehee families toward book fest sales!  To let us know, simply alert us via email from the email associated with your ticket.  Reach us at


Booklist Recomendations


Books With Sensory Experiences

Holiday Books

Books for Butterflies, Gators, and Pelicans

1-Year-Old Gators 

2-Year-Old Pelicans

3-Year-Old Elephants

Lower School 

Middle (5-8)