Kiese Laymon in Conversation with Maurice Carlos Ruffin: Heavy: An American Memoir

Thursday, October 18th


In Heavy, Laymon writes eloquently and honestly about growing up a hard-headed black son to a complicated and brilliant black mother in Jackson, Mississippi. From his early experiences of sexual violence, to his suspension from college, to his trek to New York as a young college professor, Laymon charts his complex relationship with his mother, grandmother, anorexia, obesity, sex, writing, and ultimately gambling. By attempting to name secrets and lies he and his mother spent a lifetime avoiding, Laymon asks himself, his mother, his nation, and us to confront the terrifying possibility that few in this nation actually know how to responsibly love, and even fewer want to live under the weight of actually becoming free.

A personal narrative that illuminates national failures, Heavy is defiant yet vulnerable, an insightful, often comical exploration of weight, identity, art, friendship, and family that begins with a confusing childhood—and continues through twenty-five years of haunting implosions and long reverberations.

This book is available in hardcover ($26.00).

Kiese Laymon in conversation with Maurice Carlos Ruffin discussing his book, Heavy: An American Memoir. Kiese will sign books afterward.

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Congressman Bob Livingston: The Windmill Chaser: Triumphs and Less in American Politics

Friday, October 19th


Robert L.“Bob” Livingston Jr. was born to an American middle-class family. His father left when he was very young, but Livingston and his sister were raised by a strong mother who gave them both a good education and a vigorous work ethic. From an early age, he was blessed with a sense of humor that would carry him through good times and bad.

After a successful career as a prosecutor in New Orleans, Livingston was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1977. In addition to overseeing the only balanced budget in recent memory, Livingston, as Speaker-elect, oversaw the House proceedings that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998.

This book is available in hardcover ($24.95).

Congressman Bob Livingston discusses and signs his book, The Windmill Chaser: Triumphs and Less in American Politics.

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Michael Allen Zell: City Krystal Soulman

Tuesday, October 23rd


It’s personal for criminologist Bobby Delery. Heat and crime rises during the steamy summer in New Orleans, but he’s got a job to do. That can only mean the latest in Michael Allen Zell’s acclaimed Bobby Delery series. Smart and economic prose. Tough and funny talk.

Musician Rodney Soulman Mercadel sets up a pyramid scheme with three pastors to sell seats on a non-existent ark for hurricane season. Vonetta (nicknamed Krystal) the sister of Ellis Smith, Bobby Delery’s girlfriend, has gone missing. And, to complete the title, New Orleans is a character in its own right. From the 9th Ward to New Orleans East, from the French Quarter to Frenchmen Street, Delery figures out how it all fits together.

This book is available in paperback ($14.95).

Michael Allen Zell discusses and signs his book, City Krystal Soulman.

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Poppy Tooker: Pascal's Manale Cookbook: A Family Tradition

Thursday, October 25th


Author and culinary historian Poppy Tooker combines family photographs, stories, and recipes from Pascal's Manale into a collection that is much more than a cookbook. Tooker's exploration into the storied Uptown restaurant, one of the "jewels in New Orleans' culinary crown," reveals the history of the family behind it and their influence on the city's culinary culture. In contrast to the chef driven French dishes of the Creoles, Sicilian cuisine came straight from mama's kitchen just as the signature dishes on the tables of this beloved eatery. A bastion of Italian cuisine in New Orleans, recipes for Pascal's Manale's best-known dishes, including their famous barbequed shrimp, stuffed artichokes, and meatballs have fed their fans for over a century!

This book in available in hardcover ($34.95).

Poppy Tooker discusses and signs her book, Pascal's Manale Cookbook: A Family Tradition. Pascal's Manale will provide a little tidbit from the cookbook for your tasting pleasure.

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